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{May 31, 2008}   Pastor Disasters…

All I can say is after the many “pastor-gates” that have gone on during this election, political candidates will think twice before going to church again!

CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has resigned from his church. This is obviously due to the controversy first caused by Reverend Wright and more recently by Father Pfleger (who mocked Hillary Clinton while giving a guest Sermon at Trinity Church). I personally think it unfortunate that Obama has been pushed to this. I think controversial pastors, in both McCain and Obama’s cases, have been used as red herrings, doing nothing more than detracting our attention away from issues that really matter.

Were Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger and Pastor Hagees‘ comments offensive? Yes. Would I vote for any of them? No. But we are not talking about them, we are talking about candidate’s who have worked their whole careers making names for themselves. Why don’t we focus on what they have to say?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be judged by the actions and words of my Rabbi, Priest, Pastor or Reverend. Would you?


The press has been buzzing about this movie for weeks and the fans have been anticipating it for years. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it should come as no surprise that the Sex and the City movie has almost usurped the 2008 election in terms of coverage and conversation.

I should confess now that I was not a fan of the show during its 6 year television run. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t have access since I don’t subscribe to HBO. I have seen an episode or two on late night tv, but never really fell into the frenzied, obsessed mass of women that look to Carrie as g-d and Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha as disciples.

However, when I friend of mine invited me out for “a night with the girls” to go see Sex and the City, how could I decline? Even as a non-fan, I didn’t want to be left out of countless future conversations, nor did I want to pass up a fun girls night out. So I went figuring that even though I didn’t know the backstory or personalities of any of the characters I would be able to figure it out.

What did I think?

Well, to start out I should say that this movie may be about 4 women but there are 5 lead characters (6 if you count “the city”). Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are merely the vessels used to show off the countless designer gowns, suits, shoes and outfits that sashayed across the screen at every turn. It was like a feast for the fashion hungry eyes. Yes, I know that designer labels may be overpriced and frivolous, but they are also fun and beautifully gorgeous.

The first hour of the movie moves at a quick, if not predictable pace, and is truly the epitome of a fun romantic comedy. It is lighthearted, funny and filled with many “aww how cute” moments. Carrie and Big decide to marry, we are ensconced in the perfection of their relationship, and the wedding planning begins. There is even a bridal fashion shoot for Vogue thrown in which can only be classified as fashion porn. For the other girls; Miranda is dealing with the fact that her marriage is falling apart, Samantha is struggling with being bi-coastal (now that she is living in LA with Smith Jerrod) and Charlotte is lost in happily married bliss.

But now, thanks to the wedding, they are back to wining and dining as a foursome. It is almost perfect, except that it isn’t. Big gets cold feet, stands Carrie up and thus sends her into a downward spiral. This is the point at which the movie begins to feel long and especially overwrought. We spend the next half of the movie waiting for Carrie to get back on track and figure out her next move.

I have to say, the details of this movie are definitely a plus. Every flower, belt, outfit and glass seemed placed deliberately. It was, if nothing else, a beautiful movie. I only wish the plot and writing had been thought out with the same amount of deliberation. At times the dialogue felt over dramatic and unrealistic, and 2 and a half hours is too long for a plot that is all too predictable.

All this aside, I would probably recommend you see this movie if you are looking for a fun way to spend your night. It is a perfect movie to see with a bunch of your girlfriends as long as no one is expecting anything magnanimous in terms of movie making. The Sex and the City fans I saw it with were swept away in a SATC like bliss, consequently I would surmise that the fans will probably get the ending they had been hoping for. If you are looking for an award winning film you should probably turn elsewhere…

Go see the movie and be part of the nation wide Sex and the City conversation that is sure to be happening around water-coolers everywhere. Just keep in mind though, Sex and the City is a movie, not the second coming of the messiah.

Rachel Ray has always annoyed me. I just don’t understand how a woman who throws together some sauteed chicken, steamed vegetables and a wild rice has become America’s “go to” woman for cooking advice. I also find her Ray-isms contrived and really cumbersome. If I hear “Yumm-o” or “EVOO” one more time in a conversation I might just strangle someone.

All this being said, I would never go as far as to compare her to a terrorist. Who could be afraid of Rachel Ray? Well apparently the right wing bloggosphere (being led by Michelle Malkin). Malkin, came out against Rachel Ray’s recent Dunkin Donuts commercial because she thought the scarf around Ray’s neck looked like a keffiyeh. Yeah, this is true… I know, I can’t believe it either.

For those of you who don’t know the definition of a keffiyeh, it is (as described by wikipedia):

a traditional headdress of Arab men, made of a square of cloth (“scarf”), usually cotton, folded and wrapped in various styles

Here is Malkin’s definition:

the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant (and not-so-ignorant) fashion designers, celebrities, and left-wing icons

Does the right wing bloggosphere really believe the American people to be so undereducated that we would mistake Rachel Ray in a Donut commercial for a terrorist. And furthermore, a keffiyeh is nothing more than a traditional part of Islamic garb. Would there have been such a firestorm had Rachel Ray been wearing a hat that resembled a yarmulke or a necklace that looked like a cross?

Well, amazingly (and disappointingly), Dunkin Donuts has pulled the ad. WOW, this is so ridiculous I am at a loss for words. What made Dunkin Donuts so spineless… did they really think people would stop buying coffee and donuts because they mistook Rachel Ray for a terrorist trying to spread anti-American sentiments?

Well I was never Dunkin Donuts fan to begin with so I guess I’ll just chalk this up as one more reason to continue to frequent Starbucks for all my coffee needs.

{May 29, 2008}   I Scream AT Ice Cream…

We are now on the precipice of the full blown summer season, which is so exciting because along with summer comes fun, sun and of course ICE CREAM!

I am a huge fan of ice cream…. especially when bought straight from the ice cream man (you know with the truck and everything?)… it just brings back more innocent times. However, when there is no truck it’s always nice to have a great carton of creamy goodness waiting for you in the freezer. Personally, my favorite brand is Edy’s Slow Churned.

Unfortunately the other day when I skipped to the grocery store anticipating the purchase of a new carton to replace my recently eaten one I made a horrifying discovery! Edy’s has decreased the size of their ice cream cartons but the price has stayed the same!

DID THEY THINK I WOULDN”T NOTICE????? The carton is clearly smaller… as in it is really obvious…. even a blind person would notice. I am sooooooooooo annoyed… I know this is all a sign of increased food prices and blah, blah, blah but I am feeling angry.

Sadly, my need for ice cream has trumped my anger and thus I will continue to buy Edy’s Slow Churned goodness…. but I do want it noted that I am not taking this lightly….

And on we go…

On June 7th, Puerto Rico will hold it’s presidential primary, allowing Puerto Ricans to add their 2 cents to the ongoing debate as to who should be the Democratic nominee.

Does this even make sense? Let’s just put aside the fact that Obama has all but clinched the nomination. I say this not because I am an Obama supporter, but because can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if Obama went into the convention with the majority of delegates and yet somehow after the super delegates had some back room discussion Hillary came out the nominee? Yeah that wouldn’t fly.

Regardless, does anyone else find it odd that Puerto Rico gets to help decide the nominee yet has no vote in the general election. I am not even going to debate what privileges a “territory” should/shouldn’t have or whether or not we should just bite the bullet and make the country our 51st state, but all logic points to the fact that they shoud either have a vote in both the primary and the general election or not have a vote at all. Going half and half just doesn’t make sense.

Personally I think the candidates just want a chance to relax and vacation a bit after a long primary battle. Any chance to go sit on a beach and work on your tan right?

Over the weekend the NY Times published an article about the difficulties of being young, underpaid and supporting oneself in New York City. Is this news to anyone? Seriously, I think it’s a pretty well known fact that it’s hard to survive financially in NY. I do have to admit though, the young 20 somethings profiled in the piece had some great (and not so great) ways of not breaking the bank! All in all it’s nothing groundbreaking, but it was nice to have validation that my constant feelings of financial strain are shared by others. Even better though, it’s great to know there are those out there even more desperate than I am…. Ah, the joy of schadenfreude! Thank g-d I am nowhere near desperate enough to sell my eggs, eat nothing but grapefruits… or heaven forbid live in someone’s closet.

On a side note, since I have yet to see a walk-in-closet in NYC, I’m thinking that must have been made up… ’cause I think we all know walk-in-closets are just a fantasy for us city dwellers. (NY Times)

What do Israel, Chris Dodd and rude people have in common you ask? Well, the answer is that these 3 terms pretty much sum up my day yesterday. Lets just start from the beginning:

Earlier this week my mother called to let me know that because she gave money to the UJA she was invited to a concert in celebration of Israel’s 60th birthday. Whats more is her donation had elevated her to VIP status and she wanted to bring me with her. Stupidly, I was excited, a free concert “woohoo!” sounds fun right? I said sure and made a plan to schlep up to Connecticut on Sunday to attend. I am all for Israel and am thrilled that it has turned 60, however next time someone invites you to a concert you might want to get some details before you commit yourself.

I knew we were off to a bad start the minute we pulled in, flashed our VIP pass and were told there was no more room in the VIP lot. I didn’t much care as walking 5 extra feet didn’t seem so bad but my parents were incensed… “this is disgusting,” is how my father chose to describe it…. apparently he REALLY hates walking (actually he hates excersize of any kind).

I wouldn’t so much describe the event as a concert because there was no musician (though there was music coming out of a speaker system and the promise of a jewish childrens choir). We made our way to the “VIP Tent” which held the promise of free food and perhaps some fun, but alas I had set my hopes too high. Sure there was food, for anyone brave enough to eat it, but there was definitely no fun to be found and no visible VIP’s. This was turning out to look like a hoax… seriously I thought maybe I was being punked! No VIP should ever have to use a port-a-potty.

I should state now, that I am not accustomed to VIP status and had high hopes for relaxing in lavish VIP lifestyle… maybe one day I will get that chance but yesterday was most certainly not that day.

Just when I thought all hopes were lost I spotted a familiar face across the tent. Yup, you guessed it Connecticut’s very own failed Democratic Presidential nominee Chris Dodd! I am a pretty big political follower and this was by far the most exciting thing that had happened all day so I decided I would go say hello… you know, have my brush with greatness. Well let me tell you Senator Dodd may be many things but nice and attentive he is not. He limply shook my hand (a bad sign since my mother always says never trust someone who shakes like a fish), smiled and dismissed me in all of 1 minute. Senator Dodd you are ON NOTICE! What a let down.

Well after about 30 minutes in what seemed like VIP hell we decided to say hello to some “friend” of my parents and then sneak out. Well we went over to this “friend,” who my parents hadn’t seen in 24 years and I was introduced. The conversation went something like this:

HIM: Wow I haven’t seen you in like 25 years! Your my son’s age, he has a marvelous girlfriend.

ME: Oh yeah. awkward laughter (and a glance at his son who may have a marvelous girlfriend but really did not score in the looks department…)

HIM: So what do you do

ME: Well I freelance all over the place for a bunch of Newsmedia companies

HIM: Oh what do you make, do they pay you a lot?

… I am just going to interject here to say WHAT??!!! I am sorry but that is so RUDE. I mean since when do you meet someone and within 2 minutes of being introduced ask them their salary? Did this guy just get off the gauche express? Wow what an asshole!

Thank g-d that we left right after that but not before some guy accosted us on our way out and requested that we go and make a birthday card for Israel, containing “a special message.” Well my special message is this: “Israel is a country… and countries don’t read birthday cards and even if Israel could read she’d probably just want a really expensive and large present, you know like Peace”

{May 26, 2008}   Totally Trashtastic TV

This memorial day we have so much more to celebrate than the fact that it is now acceptable to wear white. Who really wears white anyway? Especially white shoes, I mean unless you’re a nurse white shoes are usually pretty ugly… anyway I digress. What we should all really be celebrating is the premiere of not one but TWO new horribly wonderful reality TV shows. Of course I am talking about none other than Denise Richards: It’s Complicated and Living Lohan. Seriously these look almost as bad (and by bad I mean awesomely good) as I Know My Kid’s a Star.

Lets take them one by one

Hmmm, I don’t really know what to say other than I think this show is mis-named. I don’t really think it’s that complicated. Here is a former b list actress who had a horrible divorce from her more successful former husband and then went on to steal her best friends husband… not a great backstory… frankly she sounds like a bitch. I mean clearly she needs money and wants notoriety (otherwise why do a reality show?) but frankly a better name for this show might be Denise Richards: it’s simple or Denise Richards: I need money and attention (and while we’re at it therapy).

This show looks like such a trainwreck and I cannot wait to watch. First of all Lindsay’s younger sis still has that Long Island twinge in her voice which makes her seem even more trashtastic than she already is… I know right?! who thought that was even possible? There are no words to describe how excited I am to watch these two idiots make even bigger fools of themselves….

{May 26, 2008}   HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY


Everyone always tells me to enjoy my 20’s, because “these are the best times of my life.” Well, I beg to differ! Honestly, I cannot remember a time in my life in which I have ever felt so lost, aimless and stressed out. Sure high school sucked and applying to (and worrying about getting into) college was a drag, but at least then there was a plan. Everyone was following a path and there was a clear cut road to travel, not to mention mom and dad were still footing the bill.

Lately, I can’t help but feel like I am crashing. I’m unsatisfied in my job, I go on date after date with guys I am simply settling for and I just feel like no one is willing to recognize my potential. I know this sounds arrogant. I do not think I am this gorgeous, genious wunderkind who deserves to inherit the earth, marry a prince and live in a castle… although that is not an option I would turn down. It’s just I know I am capable of so much more. I know I deserve to be really happy, to love my job, and of course to have a great guy by my side.

I guess I just feel like I want my life to start. I want that map, you know? I want to be back on that road– to know where I am headed. I want to start having my kids, to settle down and to stop stressing about what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

So for all you middle age women who pine for your youth like it is some long lost comfortable bed that is warm, welcoming and cozy, snap back to reality! I would gladly take your gray hair and wrinkled faces in exchange for your security, families and stable lives. Trust me being in your 20’s sucks…

et cetera