OPINIONATRIX…because my opinions dominate

{May 25, 2008}   When Food is Love

Sometimes I get home after a long day and I just need a little pick me up. I know, I know you should never turn to food for love or comfort but I am throwing all that nonsense out the window because I think I have just found my next lover.

Glenny’s soy crisps are like little pieces of heaven. There is a flavor to satisfy every pallet – although truth be told you can’t beat the seemingly plain ‘lightly salted.’ Oh! the best part? They’re actually good for you…. it’s true! I swear drop everything and go get some now… I promise you won’t be disappointed…. (if by chance you are disappointed and you don’t like these… then all I can say is WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!)

just a quick note…. I am not being paid by Glenny’s or affiliated with the company in any way. However if they’d like to pay me I wouldn’t put up a fight…


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