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{May 26, 2008}   Totally Trashtastic TV

This memorial day we have so much more to celebrate than the fact that it is now acceptable to wear white. Who really wears white anyway? Especially white shoes, I mean unless you’re a nurse white shoes are usually pretty ugly… anyway I digress. What we should all really be celebrating is the premiere of not one but TWO new horribly wonderful reality TV shows. Of course I am talking about none other than Denise Richards: It’s Complicated and Living Lohan. Seriously these look almost as bad (and by bad I mean awesomely good) as I Know My Kid’s a Star.

Lets take them one by one

Hmmm, I don’t really know what to say other than I think this show is mis-named. I don’t really think it’s that complicated. Here is a former b list actress who had a horrible divorce from her more successful former husband and then went on to steal her best friends husband… not a great backstory… frankly she sounds like a bitch. I mean clearly she needs money and wants notoriety (otherwise why do a reality show?) but frankly a better name for this show might be Denise Richards: it’s simple or Denise Richards: I need money and attention (and while we’re at it therapy).

This show looks like such a trainwreck and I cannot wait to watch. First of all Lindsay’s younger sis still has that Long Island twinge in her voice which makes her seem even more trashtastic than she already is… I know right?! who thought that was even possible? There are no words to describe how excited I am to watch these two idiots make even bigger fools of themselves….


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