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{May 28, 2008}   Puerto Rico?! This doesn’t even make sense…

And on we go…

On June 7th, Puerto Rico will hold it’s presidential primary, allowing Puerto Ricans to add their 2 cents to the ongoing debate as to who should be the Democratic nominee.

Does this even make sense? Let’s just put aside the fact that Obama has all but clinched the nomination. I say this not because I am an Obama supporter, but because can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if Obama went into the convention with the majority of delegates and yet somehow after the super delegates had some back room discussion Hillary came out the nominee? Yeah that wouldn’t fly.

Regardless, does anyone else find it odd that Puerto Rico gets to help decide the nominee yet has no vote in the general election. I am not even going to debate what privileges a “territory” should/shouldn’t have or whether or not we should just bite the bullet and make the country our 51st state, but all logic points to the fact that they shoud either have a vote in both the primary and the general election or not have a vote at all. Going half and half just doesn’t make sense.

Personally I think the candidates just want a chance to relax and vacation a bit after a long primary battle. Any chance to go sit on a beach and work on your tan right?


creeping says:

shouldn’t that be “whether” not weather?

but that is very odd, along with not paying federal income taxes

opinionatrix says:

Thanks for correcting me… It has been corrected

hmmm I hadn’t even thought about income taxes…

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