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{May 29, 2008}   I Scream AT Ice Cream…

We are now on the precipice of the full blown summer season, which is so exciting because along with summer comes fun, sun and of course ICE CREAM!

I am a huge fan of ice cream…. especially when bought straight from the ice cream man (you know with the truck and everything?)… it just brings back more innocent times. However, when there is no truck it’s always nice to have a great carton of creamy goodness waiting for you in the freezer. Personally, my favorite brand is Edy’s Slow Churned.

Unfortunately the other day when I skipped to the grocery store anticipating the purchase of a new carton to replace my recently eaten one I made a horrifying discovery! Edy’s has decreased the size of their ice cream cartons but the price has stayed the same!

DID THEY THINK I WOULDN”T NOTICE????? The carton is clearly smaller… as in it is really obvious…. even a blind person would notice. I am sooooooooooo annoyed… I know this is all a sign of increased food prices and blah, blah, blah but I am feeling angry.

Sadly, my need for ice cream has trumped my anger and thus I will continue to buy Edy’s Slow Churned goodness…. but I do want it noted that I am not taking this lightly….


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