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{May 31, 2008}   Pastor Disasters…

All I can say is after the many “pastor-gates” that have gone on during this election, political candidates will think twice before going to church again!

CNN is reporting that Barack Obama has resigned from his church. This is obviously due to the controversy first caused by Reverend Wright and more recently by Father Pfleger (who mocked Hillary Clinton while giving a guest Sermon at Trinity Church). I personally think it unfortunate that Obama has been pushed to this. I think controversial pastors, in both McCain and Obama’s cases, have been used as red herrings, doing nothing more than detracting our attention away from issues that really matter.

Were Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger and Pastor Hagees‘ comments offensive? Yes. Would I vote for any of them? No. But we are not talking about them, we are talking about candidate’s who have worked their whole careers making names for themselves. Why don’t we focus on what they have to say?

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to be judged by the actions and words of my Rabbi, Priest, Pastor or Reverend. Would you?


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