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{June 2, 2008}   Regis is back on the game show circut with Million Dollar Password

Who can forget Regis Philbin’s run as the host of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” The show took TV by storm becoming a fun, short lived phenomenon. It actually might still be on the air but I’d pretty much bet the farm that no one’s watching. Anyway, I digress.

It seems Regis couldn’t get enough of trying to help out good natured regular folks in their quest to win 1 million dollars. So consequently, Regis and CBS have teamed up to bring us some good summer game show fun. And tonight marks the premiere of CBS’s new game show Million Dollar Password.

The show is basically a re-tooling of the classic game show but with a couple of twists. CBS has added, more money, more glitz and of course celebrities. Each week will feature 2 different celebs teaming up with regular people in an effort to try and help them win a million bucks. The game itself is pretty simple:

One player from the team is told secret passwords and can use only one-word clues to get the teammate to guess them. If the player and the celebrity can work well together and become a solid team, that player could uncover the MILLION DOLLAR PASSWORD. (CBS Website)

I am not much of a game show watcher, although I do LOVE games, but due to the end of the television season my TV show standards have greatly decreased. As far as game shows go, I think it’s pretty good. It moves at a fast pace, Regis is entertaining and it is fun to see celebrities interacting with regular (sometimes slightly starstruck) people.

I tend to hate pseudo game shows like “Moment of Truth” in which the sole purpose of the show seems to be the tearing down of its’ contestants, and that is probably why Million Dollar Password appeals to me. It’s good, clean fun!

My only gripe, you can’t really play along. Unlike “Who wants to be a millionaire” where you can guess the answer, this show is more about the connection between the two players on screen. That being said, if you’re bored and in need of something to watch… this one’s not half bad… for a game show.



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