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{June 3, 2008}   A Highly Detailed Look at Breakfast…. yumm!

We hear a lot about breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day right? Who actually knows if this is true or if this is just another old wives tale passed on by our mothers, but anecdotal science has shown that regular breakfast eaters do tend to be healthier (unless of course their regular breakfasts consist of donuts and frappaccinos).

I am a big fan of breakfast. I just never realized it was complicated enough to headline its own issue of New York Magazine. Even I think this is a little much… a whole article on breakfast?! Are they that short for stories? I’m pretty sure there is a lot of other news out there to report on. Especially in a city like New York! If the editors had only dug a little deeper they might have discovered something a little more substantial.

Despite all my whining, I did find the piece (or rather pieces as the article is broken into categories) pretty interesting. There is even a 100 cereal taste test, which is great because I LOVE cereal (especially Honeycomb, Fiber One -it’s good I swear! – and the lesser known and much harder to find King Vitamin). Unfortunately their taste test consisted mostly of really healthy cereals like kashi (which I think tastes like sticks) and other organic stuff.

They also examine caffeine addiction which was of interest to me since Starbucks is like my home away from home…. I would move in if I could! They compare coffee to cocaine which seems a little drastic, but interesting all the same. And if you are one of those voyeuristic breakfast eaters who always wants to know about the breakfast habits of others, they’ve got that angle covered too with a 60 person poll on what “you ate this morning.”

Lastly they name a bunch of great breakfast places in NYC (in lots of different categories) and delve into the art of picking the perfect egg… (there’s an art?)…

Overall, even though I was reluctant to the mundane nature of the piece, I liked it. In fact, I devoured it…guiltily while knowing I should be reading up on something more substantial. And now, I’m off to go munch on a bowl of cereal…


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