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{June 3, 2008}   When your old man is an OLD man…

Uh oh… a study recently came out of Denmark citing the fact that children of older fathers were both more likely to die young and to develop mental/cognitive illnesses such as schizophrenia, autism and epilepsy.

This has me kind of worried because my dad is old. He’s not geezer old, but he’s no spring chicken either. Luckily, I looked into it a bit more and they are classifying “old” as over 45. Whew, my dad was only 37 when I was born, so I am in the clear. Looks like something else must be to blame for my offbeat and slightly crazy tendancies. (Maybe its mom’s fault?)

Anyways, this alerts us to the fact that men may have biological clocks too, and that fathering children after one’s prime may be easier for a man but may prove just as risky as it is for a woman. This is somewhat concerning considering so many people are prolonging marriage and pregnancy these days. I wonder what effect this might have on our future generations.


Les says:

There has been over 50 years of research on the paternal age effect. One cryobank(NW) in the US does not accept sperm past a man 35th birthday to minimize genetic defects. The news from Denmark is the latest of a large body of research. You are right to be concerned about the high average paternal age found in the world today. Autism’s rise in non-familial cases is not a mystery, paternal age over 30 always is found, on a population level, in autism and schizophrenia. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, MS, type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc. also rise with paternal age. The 20s are the safest decade to father babies.

http://how-old-is-too-old.blogspot.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paternal_age_effect

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