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{June 18, 2008}   California leads the nation in something we should have done a long time ago

Today marks the first day that gay couples can legally marry in the state of California. All I can say is ITS ABOUT TIME! This is a momentous decision on the part of CA state courts, and I can only hope that it will not be overturned. Furthermore, any gay couple can marry in California as opposed to Massachusetts in which only state residents can be legally married – so it will probably actually benefit the states tourism as well.

I am not gay, however I have always thought it disgusting that we are one of the only “first world” countries that do not recognize gay marriage. This is an equality issue and we are a country based on freedom, respect and equality. Surely, 20 years from now we will look at this the same way we now look at the Jim Crow era. I am sure as we parent the next generation of children we’ll struggle to find the words to explain why homosexual individuals were denied basic rights and respect.

Of course, this is only the first step. It is one state among many, and the statute has yet to face many arguments from religious communities with anti-gay sentiments. Many will argue that marriage is between a man and a woman and we should not desecrate its’ “good name.” I have two answers to this:

1. The rate of divorce is sky high and couples are more and more likely to end the marriage before the 10 year mark…. I’d pretty much say that if you are worried about the “good name” of marriage you should start by going after the rapidly divorcing heterosexual couples.

2. The bible dictates many “thou shalt nots” including “thou shall not wear a mixture of linen and wool together.” However, I don’t see religious leaders going after anyone in a Brooks Brothers suit. If you want to claim that you are following g-d’s word, that’s fine, but then you should be obliged to follow all his words…

I for one am thrilled for all the gay couples who are celebrating this evening and look forward to a time in which this is not even an issue anymore…and if you ask me – that time cannot come soon enough.


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