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{June 18, 2008}   Cookiegate 2008

I think its pretty safe to assume that Cindy McCain cannot bake. A short time ago she was caught plagiarizing recipes from the Food Networks Giada de Laurentiis and Rachel Ray. The McCain campaign apologized, we all had a good snicker and then we moved on. I had assumed she learned her lesson – personally I think that was a safe assumption. Apparently Cindy is a slow learner.

Instead of submitting her own recipe to Family Circle’s first wives cookie contest, she plagiarized again – this time from Hershey’s. I don’t get it, is it so hard to come up with a simple cookie recipe? And if you are a rich heiress with a personal chef and no culinary skills to speak of just be honest and say you don’t bake, get your chef to give you a recipe or offer your best store bought suggestion.

Personally I think the entire contest is a little outdated, why not ask the potential first ladies about their opinions or views on pertinent issues? I don’t know, the whole thing seems the slight bit sexist to me. If Hillary were the nominee would Bill have submitted a recipe? Probably… in fact I bet Bill’s favorite cookies are ladyfingers – although he probably likes those Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes – you know the ones I’m talking about… they look like cigars.


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