OPINIONATRIX…because my opinions dominate

{July 3, 2008}   OH NO!

Say it ain’t so!

According to the New York Times, Starbucks is going to close 600 stores in the coming year. This is horrendous news for a few of reasons:

1) Starbucks is my home away from home (free air conditioning and a friendly face – sign me up!)

2) Starbucks is my drug, addiction and lifeline

3) So many people are going to lose their jobs in an already difficult economic time (12,000 people to be exact)

I have always admired Starbucks – of course for their delicious coffee and yummy treats – but also because Howard Schultz (Pres. and CEO) strikes me as a truly genuine guy. I have heard him interviewed on countless occasions, and he really seems to care not only about his bottom line, but about the thousands of employees who work for him. Starbucks employees enjoy perks such as stock options and health care. I like that they are called partners, even if it’s just a moniker it is one that denotes respect (which they so deserve for dealing with difficult and demanding people all day).

I for one hope (and pray) that this is not the beginning of the end for Starbucks… I seriously have no idea what I would do without my daily coffee. And I am SERIOUSLY praying that my “home base” location is not one of the many affected stores – I am too attached to handle a change like that in my life at the moment.


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