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{August 3, 2008}   These Didn’t Even Flatter the Gladiators!

I am not a fashionista, nor am I the arbiter of taste, but how the hell did gladiator sandals become the shoes of the summer?! I surely cannot be alone in thinking that these shoes do not flatter even the most fantabulous of legs. Seriously, not even the gladiators could pull them off.

This summer, everyone from friends to Hollywood starlets have been sporting these, and I am truly confused. This is not just a shoe that I personally find unappealing, this shoe is universally unflattering… so what is it about gladiator sandals that has people going gaga?

The only plausible explanation I can think of is that some designer decided to try and fashion the ugliest footwear ever just to see if he could make it a trend. Well, the joke’s on us, or rather you, since I wouldn’t be caught dead in these. Not even if you paid me.


Hey thats a nice article. I am also into fashion industry and like reading such articles. I guess I will keep coming back for more. All the best.

Mia says:

the tan lines afterwards are realy horrible…but those which end at the ankle are kinda nice…

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