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{August 9, 2008}   Enough! Let’s Focus on the issues!

Politics is a dirty game, so it comes as no surprise that despite vows and promises to keep the 2008 campaign focused on the issues, that when push came to shove, the candidates began swinging the mud. This really doesn’t shock me. Disappoint and annoy me? Yes. But shock? No – most certainly not. In fact, it would be naive to think that the fight wouldn’t get dirty sooner or later.

I think what I find almost humorous though are the types of things being said by the McCain campaign to diminish Barack Obama. Instead of the usual political allegations of misrepresentation, drug use, dishonesty and a litany of other negative onslaughts, opponents of Obama claim he is too elitist, arrogant, slim, fit, healthy and popular. Really? I mean seriously?

Maybe I am missing something here but what is wrong with a president who is smart, well spoken, healthy and liked abroad as well as at home? Isn’t that the goal? Personally I want a president who knows what he is talking about, looks healthy and gets along with foreign nations. Right now these are some of the major concerns that we as a country are facing; a downturn in education, a rise in obesity and negative relations with foreign countries. It seems to me that these are attributes to be admired in Barack Obama, not criticized.

Furthermore, I am so sick and tired of John McCain’s games. First he goads Obama into taking a Middle Eastern trip, only to later criticize him for leaving the country. Then he takes statements garnered from Obama’s town halls (like the tire guage comment) and misrepresents them making Obama look idiotic. Lastly the Britney Spears/ Paris Hilton advertisement scraped the bottom of the barrel. McCain is playing dirty and immaturely. Whatever credibility he had previously is slowly diminishing with each low blow he delivers. Doesn’t he realize that in the end he is only making himself look bad?

If everyone could see through this game, I wouldn’t be so angry. It is precisely because there are people who are buying into the McCain rhetoric that I am worried and dismayed. I think both politicians vowed to play this game clean and fair. That does not mean they cannot criticize each other – just that when they do, they should stick to the facts!


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