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{August 10, 2008}   Guess I should have seen this coming…

I don’t know why I’m surprised. I really shouldn’t be. After all, John Edwards is just another in a long line of politicians to cheat on his wife. Now a days it seems that political affairs are just part of the Washington DC landscape. All that being said, I am still shocked. Honestly, I don’t know what surprises me more:

A) that John Edwards, the seemingly genuine and honest son of a mill worker, betrayed his wife and family


B) that the National Enquirer actually broke a real story!

Maybe I’m naive, but I really believed Edwards when he claimed that the rumors were just tabloid trash. What angers me more is Edwards’ arrogance and outright dishonesty. In his statement yesterday he claims he had been “99% honest.” 99% HONEST! I didn’t know honesty worked on a continuum! Oh thats right, it doesn’t. Either you are telling the truth, or you’re not. What if he had been the nominee? He would have lost the election for the Democratic party, and for what? Because he couldn’t keep it in his pants?! He knew this skeleton was in his closet, yet he was arrogant enough to think he wouldn’t get caught. He sold us all a perfect, all American image – and now I feel stupid, because I bought it!

Edwards claims that he is outright positive that Reille Hunter’s child is not his. He has not taken a paternity test – so there is not way to be truly sure. This man has lost all credibility with me… I don’t know what to believe. Furthermore, even though someone else has claimed paternity, Reille Hunter and her family think Edwards is the father. At this point… this all remains up in the air.

It is Elizabeth Edwards who I really feel sorry for in this scenario. This poor woman! Not only has she had to contend with the loss of a child, a grueling battle with cancer and fertility issues, but now she has to face public humiliation. She has done nothing but support Senator Edwards. Even when told her cancer was terminal she pushed on, helping to run both a political campaign and a family. She deserves a medal.

John Edwards has seriously disappointed me, but I think the best thing to do at this point is to leave this story alone. He has ruined his reputation. Now instead of being know as a 2 time presidential candidate and American Senator who rose up from nothing to become something, he will be remembered as “that sleaze ball who cheated on his wife while she was dying of cancer.”

My mother taught me long ago that your reputation follows you everywhere, and that trust has to be earned. Senator Edwards has now lost both in the eyes of the American public. I hope it was worth it.


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