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{August 12, 2008}   Olympics are actually pretty fun to watch!

I will admit it. I have been sucked in by Olympic Fever, and I am not just talking about gymnastics! I have discovered a ton of Olympic sports that I didn’t even know existed. For example, bet you didn’t know about Olympic level canoeing, shooting and field hockey. However my favorite “discovery” so far has been Synchronized diving.

This sport is so random, yet so beautiful and intriguing to watch. I wonder how one even gets into synchronized diving? I mean it’s not the usual “hmm I think I’ll sign my kid up for little league, ballet and synchronized diving” (at least not where I grew up).

The best part though – and seriously this is so great – is the 2008 gold medalists. China! Of course a communist country in which everyone is used to doing the same thing would win a synchronized competition… I mean duh! Conversely, the USA has never medaled in this sport – I guess we’re just too individualistic a society!


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