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{August 15, 2008}   Ok, I Get It… Michael Phelps Can Swim

As someone who has never been into sports, it has really surprised me how intrigued I have been by the Olympics. It’s just so exciting! Between all the triumphs, scandals and news you’d have to be living under a rock to not get at least a little sucked in. However, as much as I am enjoying the games – and I am enjoying them – one thing has me a little peeved. Michael Phelps.

I get it, he can swim. But what about sharing the spotlight ? Last time I checked it was the US swim team we sent to Beijing – not the Michael Phelps show. I am not putting down his abilities. I realize what an amazing athlete he is and by no means want to take that away from him, but what about all our other swimmers? Dara Torres, Katie Hoff, Jason Lezak, Peter Vanderkaay and countless others – all of whom have medaled in the 2008 games.

And yet, all we seem to hear is Phelps, Phelps, Phelps. Even his mother is now recognizable to anyone who has been watching the games due to the constant footage of her cheering in the stands. We have been subjected to news story after news story about him – down to his diet! I’m not saying forget about him but let’s give it a rest for a while. I mean honestly, how many medals does one guy need? That cheering mother of his should have taught him about sharing (if not the medals, at least the spotlight).


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