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{August 22, 2008}   Didn’t You’re Mother Teach You Anything About Losing Gracefully?

In a week filled with Olympic triumphs and athletic inspiration we have seen so many examples of gracious winners and losers. Athletes who have worked so hard to win the gold medal have been able to put aside their disappointment and move on – you’d think Hillary Clinton supporters would learn something from this!

I understand how disappointed Clinton supporters must be that their candidate is not the one on the campaign trail at the moment. For many, especially older women who viewed her campaign as a symbol of change, it must be heart wrenching. I get it – losing sucks. It’s hard and disappointing and no one out there will tell you any different.

However, the hard core, “we want our way,” members of P.U.M.A. have me annoyed, angry and even a little embarrassed on behalf of the Democratic party. P.U.M.A (which stands for party unity my ass) continues to argue that Clinton should be the nominee, and even goes so far to recruit people to their mission which includes not voting for Senator Obama! This is just ridiculous. Most members of the group say that they will not vote for Senator McCain, but rather will stay home on election day. I’m sorry, are we in grade 3? This is so childish. It smacks of “I didn’t get what I want so now I refuse to do anything.”

The most ridiculous part of this, is that most P.U.M.A members are Democrats! These aren’t Independents who just wanted a woman in the White House, this is a contingent of people that by their own admission agree with the vast majority of Senator Obama’s policy ideas and political views.

This wreaks of selfishness and self aggrandizement. It’s just so angry and bitter. P.U.M.A is potentially sacrificing Senator Obama’s campaign and perhaps the country in order to prove a point. I am sorry but this is childish, selfish and unreasonable! Anyone can see that this is doing nothing for nobody. Clinton is not the nominee, P.U.M.A. needs to accept that and move past it. Personally, I think Clinton should come out and address P.U.M.A, and put all this unnecessary fighting to bed. It needs to be done and at this point if anyone can help heal the situation it’s her.


Mark says:

My thoughts exactly.

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