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{August 28, 2008}   The Wound Is Bandaged But Have We Healed?

The Democratic Convention last night ended with a buzz of energy, and marked the beginning of the wait for Barack’s big speech tonight at Mile High Stadium.  Will he pull it off? Will it live up to the expectations? Only time will tell, but so far this convention has been hot and cold.  It will be interesting to see what the state of the Democratic party will be coming out of this; will we be unified or divided?

Hillary Clinton gave a good speech, not great, surely not phenomenal, but it was good and it energized the base of the party.  She went on a little too long about herself and her own campaign, and while she did talk a lot about Democratic party ideals, she didn’t talk enough about Barack Obama.  I will admit that she had some great lines, and whoever helped her write that speech should be commended.  It was just the right length, funny and motivating.  I just wished she had gotten to Obama a little bit faster.  Also, a bright orange pantsuit? What look was she going for?

Hillary’s speech aside, the highlight of the night was seeing Bill Clinton at the convention.  He looked like a kid in the candy store, a look of awe on his face almost the whole evening. I know he’s been to a convention before – so what was he so awed by?  He looked so innocent, it was almost cute. Additionally, the pride he had in his wife was so genuine it made me smile.

Wednesday evening, in my opinion, has been the best night so far.  I thought Bills speech was just what it needed to be.  It was delivered powerfully and genuinely – I thought he hit it out of the park.  I loved that he spoke about how he too was dogged with attacks of being “too young”… that was golden. Bill spoke of policy, he talked about where the country needs to be and how the Democrats can get us there. He stated simply that he felt Barack Obama is the man for the job and that Obama is ready to be President.  I was thoroughly impressed by both the content of his speech as well as his delivery.

However, the real winner of the night was Beau Biden. His introduction of his father was so heartfelt, and Senator Biden has such a compelling story it would be hard not to be moved by its account. Even Michelle Obama had tears streaming down her cheeks! I have always liked Joe Biden but the more I learn about him the more I admire him, and the more I think he is definitely the perfect VP choice.  Did you know he is one of the poorest senators? I certainly didn’t.  I thought he gave a good speech and look forward to seeing more of him as the campaign continues.  I have to say that when he and Obama were onstage together at the end of the evening, all I could think was: this is the “smily-est” presidential ticket ever!

All in all I think the Democrats are doing well.  I think the Clintons’ speeches helped to bandage the wound in the party, but I fear the scars will still remain.  I also love watching the “Big Dogs” interact. It seems like Michelle Obama and Jill Biden truly like each other and get along well.  I love seeing them in the moments when they don’t realize the camera is on them.  A picture says a thousand words and the general feel I get from these families is that they are genuine “salt of the earth” people.

Mile High Stadium is already packed, and anticipation of Obama’s acceptance speech is surely hanging in the air. I cannot wait to watch this evening play out.


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