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{September 2, 2008}   Hurricane Gustav “Pales-In” Comparison To The Storm Inside The McCain Campaign

Earlier this week when John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential pick, a ripple of surprise reverberated throughout the country.  With so many other great choices in the Republican party one has to wonder what Sarah Palin brings to the ticket that no one else could.

McCain reportedly wanted to tap Democratic turned Independent Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate, but his campaign advised against it in fear of losing “the base.” This makes sense, Joe Lieberman would not have aided the McCain ticket in any way.  In order for McCain to have a shot at winning he needs the evangelicals on his side and tapping a pro-choice candidate would most certainly have alienated that block of voters.

McCain needed buzz and perhaps the campaign thought nominating a woman would both garner him attention as well as votes among the public – namely the “Hillary Clinton voters.”  But Sarah Palin?  Surely there are other Republican women that would have fit the bill.  What about Kay Bailey Hutchison or Meg Whitman?  Furthermore, does the McCain campaign think that the same women who voted for Hillary Clinton would be naive enough to throw their values and chief concerns aside just because Palin is a woman?  To suggest this is offensive.  Women, like men, are not interchangeable!

Palin is so far right, that she can easily be described as “the darling of the Evangelicals.” She claimed in her speech on Friday that she wanted to break through the glass ceiling – why? So she can rebuild it out of cement?  Looking at the policies of the McCain/Palin ticket, I feel comfortable saying that this is almost as anti-feminist as you can get!

Palin is pro-life (even in the case of incest and/or rape), believes in teaching creationism is school, disputes the fact that Global Warming is man made and is against sex education.  As if this isn’t enough, she is currently under investigation for attempting to fire her ex brother in law, was a member of the Alaskan Independance Party (who would like to secede from the USA), ran a 527 for now indicted senator Ted Stevens and yesterday news broke that her 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant. Did the McCain campaign even google this woman?

The campaign vows that they vetted Palin thoroughly, but if they knew all of this then why nominate her? Anyone could have foreseen the negative press.  Not to mention the fact that McCain is the oldest nominee in our country’s history and has had two bouts with skin cancer.  If something happened to him, is this really the best person to lead the country? And if Sarah Palin was vetted and the McCain campaign still decided to go with her, then what does that say of the information the campaign dug up on the rest of the potential VP picks?  There must be some serious skeletons hiding in the Republican party closet.

Sarah Palin is a truly accomplished woman. I have no doubt that she is smart, articulate and capable of management.  But this is not a woman whom I want making important decisions for me and the United States.  Frankly, the way she has been known to speak, tying g-d to politics, makes me uncomfortable.  Furthermore I would like to keep my reproductive rights intact and would never even consider voting for a ticket that is against equal pay for women.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in the McCain campaign’s daily discussions.  Palin has taken McCain’s stable, if not somewhat boring campaign, and blown it up into a negative story.  Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate is very telling.  It causes me to question McCain’s judgement.  Would McCain be so quick and impulsive when deciding on important foreign policy issues? Personally, I dont really want to take a chance and find out.


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