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{September 3, 2008}   OMG!!!! Gossip Girl Kicks Off The Fall Season!

The summer is winding down, kids are going back to school and Gossip Girl is back with new episodes!  I don’t know what it is about this show that has me so hooked.  It’s certainly not breaking any barriers. But just like the foam at the top of my daily latte; it’s light, frothy and though it lacks any real substance I always love drinking it down!

Last night’s premiere found us in the Hamptons where Serena was still pining for Dan, Blaire and Chuck were caught in a game of one upmanship as to who could make the other more jealous, Nate was sleeping with a married woman and Jenny and Dan were toiling away at their respective summer jobs.

The episode was only so-so.  The Blaire/Chuck story line was by far the most interesting, probably due to the fact that they are the most conflicted and layered characters Gossip Girl has to offer us.  For Serena and Dan, I think we all knew it was just a matter of time before they reconnected, although how long that will last only time will tell. Something tells me, it will be much like the Dawson/Joey love story from Dawson’s Creek, where the two go back and forth, even though as viewers we all know in the end that they’ll be together.  Nate – dating a married woman?!  Really? Is that the best the writers could come up with.  Obviously, it has the potetial to generate many scandalous story lines but it’s so textbook.  It has been done countless times before, and the only way it can truly work is if the writers somehow find a different angle from which to approach it.  As of now, it looked pretty pedestrian.  However, the story line I truly hated was Jenny’s.  After toiling away, sorting buttons in a designer warehouse and being spoken down to the entire time, she shows up at THE hottest party, in her own creation and is then complimented by Tinsley Mortimer in front of her boss. Firstly, does anyone outside the Manhattan social scene even know who Tinsley Mortimer is?  I live in NYC and the only thing I know about her is she’s rich, fashionable and shows up at society parties.  Plus, Jenny’s storyline never really intersected with the rest of the gang.  While interesting, it seemed stilted and out of place.

While the narrative may have been less than compelling, as always the show managed to deliver. It always leaves me hanging on for more – even when there is no reason to still be paying attention.  What is it about this show?  It’s just so otherworldly.  It makes one dream of belonging to a beautiful world overflowing with money, fancy parties and dramatic problems.  It serves as escapism in the true sense of the word. Sure the values are askew and the characters’ lives are often a mess but at least they have the glamor and glitz to go along with it.  Gossip Girl serves as a voyeurs periscope into what the everyman thinks the lives of the uber rich might look like.  It allows us to live the high life along with them even if only for an hour every week.

In creating Gossip Girl Joshua Schwartz has tapped into the exact nature of escapism today’s viewers are looking for.  To be able to leave the rocky economy, the daily grind and the pressure of adult life and just for a short time to dip into the pool of excess, drama and fashion.


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