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{September 12, 2008}   Remembering September 11th

It hardly seems possible that seven years have passed since the attacks on September 11th.  I imagine the images from that day will be seared into my memory for a long time.  9-11 was the first time in my life that true danger and war seemed possible.  Before, war and terrorism were things that happened far away.  Unlike family and friends in Israel, terrorist attacks aimed at ordiary citizens never crossed my mind.  9-11 was traumatic for all Americans, because it made us view the world through a new lens.

Often when we speak of September 11th we talk about the horrors, the dead and the “war against terror.” We look at images of the burning towers and business men covered in ash.  Sadly, we sometimes overlook the incredible heroism, patriotism and general connection that came out of 9-11. It’s true that this was a horrible event which occurred due to the worst of human nature.  However, it also brought out the best in the American people.  For the first time in a long while we rediscovered our patriotism, we were there for each other and we gave as much as we could.

I think it important that we honor those who lost their lives on September 11th, but isn’t it better to honor their memory by dwelling on the good things?  Personally, I’d rather see images of firefighters, policeman and ordinary citizens doing their part to help the victims in need over those of the towers engulfed in smoke and flames.

9-11 just seems like the perfect time to remember that there is always a bigger picture.  And that picture is one of a country where in a time of need, people put all differences aside and reach out to help one another in any way they can.


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