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{September 21, 2008}   Reaching For The Stars

There is something very admirable about the star.  I’m not talking about Hollywood icons or fame driven celebrities, but rather actual stars.  The small bastions of light that shine down on us every night, reminding us that there is something more out there.  Something vast, large and unknown. 

This week I learned that very often the lights we see in the night sky are from stars which have died off long ago.  The light takes so long to reach Earth that it is often merely the impact of the star we are seeing rather than the star itself.  This small fact really inspires me.  I understand why it became commonplace for people to utter the phrase “I want to be a star.” 

Lately, I have been questioning my goals, ambitions and mission in life.  I constantly berate myself for not measuring up, not being on the ball and not having things figured out.  In my mid twenties, I have held countless jobs in various different fields and still I have not found my place.  I want to shine. I am almost positive I know how I could shine, I just don’t know how to get there.  I want to be a star because I want my presence to matter.  Perhaps it is preposterous for me to imagine that I could make an impact on this world that would outlast my life, but people have done it before, so why not me? 

There is something hopeful if not unnerving about looking at the night sky.  There is so much out there, so much possibility, but also a lot of instability and risk.  To venture out into the vast unknown could result in huge impact and wonderful rewards, but it could also leave you lost and burnt out.  Like the light of the star, in order to reach out to others we first must make the journey.  So, I guess this is where I have to make the choice, because in order to make an impact and shine, you first have to put yourself out there.



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