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{October 14, 2008}   I Love Desperate Housewives, But…

I love Desperate Housewives.  I have been a fan since season one and even stuck by it during the “Betty Applewhite season 2 slump.”  This show is the perfect blend of quirky, over-the-top, backstabbing fun and I look forward to it every week.

I think the 5 year jump forward has served this season very well.  It allowed the writers to create a virtually new show, without abandoning the characters fans have grown to love.  So far, I think most of the stories are entertaining and juicy.  I look forward to see where this season takes us.

Unfortunately, I do have one criticism. The Gabby storyline.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Gabby has become a frumpy, cash strapped mother of two.  What I am not a fan of is the “fat children” story.  This show has enough material to work with, without using the plight of chubby children to get laughs.  I get it.  Gabby is image obsessed and yet has to contend with two overweight children.  I just think it hits a sour note.  I feel bad judging the appearance of kids.  I mean these characters are supposed to be under 5 years old, and we are laughing at their expense?!  Surely this isn’t necessary.  A funnier story would be for Gabby’s kids to be just as image obsessed as she used to be, and to be embarrassed of their mothers looks, style, lack of expensive things, etc.  I would feel much more comfortable indulging in a little schadenfruede if it was aimed at an adult.

I remember reading somewhere that the cast and crew go to great lengths not to shoot the scenes disparaging the looks of the two child actresses in front of them, but kids are perceptive.   Surely this has to affect them.  It’s not that I don’t think this story line is fair game, lord knows there are worse things on TV these days.  I just think that a show like Desperate Housewives which has so much to work with, it is completely unnecessary.


Nicole says:

Another part of this story line that bothers me is that now because Gabby is a mom (of only 2) she is a frumpy mess! I mean come on!! I know mothers of five and they are more pulled together then her. This new storyline is an inaccurate portrayle of motherhood!!

essaadams says:

Thank you for speaking out on the body image portrayal of these children. As a health at every size advocate and size diversity activist, I have joined voices of many who brought this to the attention of the show. I feel as though the world has retreaded back to 1960 when the joke is once again on the fat kid who has no sense and no compassion. Sorrowful indeed.

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