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{November 18, 2008}   The Sad Decline of Heroes…


Last night, I did something I couldn’t have imagined doing two years ago: I erased this weeks episode of Heroes from my DVR without watching it.  I know, I know, how can I possibly call myself a fan? Well folks, the sad truth is, I can’t.  Can anyone?  Seriously, who enjoys this show anymore? Heroes started out with so much potential.  It encompassed an interesting storyline, filled with a diverse cast, conflicted characters and magical powers.  It introduced problems and questions fast and then quickly followed them up with action that led to answers.  Honestly, the first season unraveled almost perfectly.  Mystery, character development, action and eye candy (hello Sendhil Ramamurthy)!  Who’d have thought things could go so wrong.

Last season I chalked up the misteps in plot to the writers strike that plagued all of TV.  This season there is no excuse.  I am not alone in my opinions either.  The ratings have declined tremendously, and friends of mine who used to be avid fans have since abandoned ship. The problems are wide and varied but I think one thing stands out among the rest.  This show started out as a show about conflicted characters who were trying to discover who they were as people.  Sure there was action sequences and “bad guy” fighting mixed in there, but at the core the show as about it’s characters trying to live ordinary lives as extraordinary people.  Currently, Heroes has too many characters (most of which are under developed at best) and the mythology has taken over the show.  I am unable to keep track of storylines and timelines and frankly I don’t care.  This is a case of trying to hard.  Sometimes simple is better.

Frankly, as disapointed as I am, I am happy to be freed from it’s crazyness.  Glad that I’ll no longer have to watch it linger on my DVR playlist until I feel guilty enough to watch it.  To anyone out there who still enoys this show – power to you.  To everyone else – fear not! Lost returns soon.


essaadams says:

Aahhh LOST – I canna wait. But do you suppose the writers are explaining away too much of the divine mystery? That LOST will fade into the mundane tired, who cares about these characters anymore? Oh, I hope not, I absolutely loved this show and want them to allow the mystery.

Your blog is fabulouos, I cannot say it enough.


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