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{December 7, 2008}   The Juice Is In The Can!

Never thought the day would come did you?  Me neither, but what can I say, karma’s a bitch!

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson has been sentenced to 33 years in prison, after 9 of which he will be eligible for parole.  While I think OJ finally got what he deserved for all his arrogant, criminal and downright disgusting behavior, I can’t help but feel that this sentence is really for the crime committed 13 years ago.

Clearly, OJ committed a crime in this case as well, but most defandants in his position would have gotten off with probation.  Nevertheless, I am sure there will be appeals and motions filed on his behalf – I assure you we have not heard the last of OJ Simpson.  I do feel badly for his children though, it has gotta suck having him as a dad.


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