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{January 26, 2009}   Yeah, And My Name is Mickey Mouse

Malia and Sasha Dolls

Earlier this week our nation celebrated as Barack Obama was inaugurated as our 44th president.  Liberal or conservative, the country has come together and few would argue that we are all still basking in the glow of an Obama-nation!  Unfortunately some people can’t help but exploit the little people.

I’m not talking about another big company pulling a fast one on the common man (although lord knows that’s a frequent occurrence these days).  I am talking about the Ty company actually exploiting  “little People, as in Sasha and Malia Obama!  Apparently, Ty (famous for manufacturing beanie babies) thought no one would notice if they fashioned Sasha and Malia dolls and marketed them to young girls who crave a piece of the famous first daughters.

When pressed, a spokeswoman for the company said:

“There’s nothing on the dolls that refers to the Obama girls, It would not be fair to say they are exact replications of these girls. They are not.”

Is anyone buying this explanation?! Do they really think I am going to believe that they just happened to manufacture two African American dolls named Sasha and Malia at the same time Sasha and Malia Obama stepped onto the national stage?  I don’t think so.  Apparently, Michelle Obama doesn’t buy it either, stating “it is inappropriate to use young private citizens for marketing purposes.”

Nice try Ty company, but next time… grow a conscience!


{June 7, 2008}   VEEPSTAKES

Both Democrats and Republicans now have a nominee, so naturally the next question is who will McCain and Obama choose as their running mates?

John McCain recently had a friendly Memorial Day BBQ, which was rumored to have actually been phase one of the vice presidential selection. The contestants? Charlie Christ, Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney (Huckabee was also supposedly on the guest list but couldn’t attend) I think each of these guys could be big assets to McCain so the question remains; who will it be? Personally, I think probably Bobby Jindal. He’s young, charismatic, a minority and he was the one McCain chose to introduce him on June 4th after the last primary. Without knowing too much about any of these guys, I like Jindal the best, but I think Charlie Christ is McCain’s best bet. Florida is a big deal state and Christ could be a major asset in delivering a key swing state to the Republican’s. Plus, the right wingers of the party would probably love to have a Christ on the ticket!

In Democratic circles, the big question is whether or not Obama will ask Hillary to be on the ticket. I certainly hope not. I really admire Clinton and think she is a great politician, but I think putting her (and Bill) on the ticket begs for a giant power struggle. People will question the choice and of course rumor would circulate that Obama’s hand was forced. This would make Obama look weak and not in control. The Obama ticket would be best served by a more typical VP candidate. Personally I think Joe Biden or Ed Rendell would be a good pick. An older, white male with a long history in politics could possibly help assuage fears of older white voters who are reluctant to vote for a young black guy. However, I do think there is a big role for Clinton to play should Obama be elected president. I think she would make a great supreme court justice (which to me sounds both more powerful and respectable than VP) or even a major cabinet position. I don’t think Obama/Clinton is a dream presidential ticket but I do agree with the many out there who claim that if they work together they could bring about great changes.

Later on today, Hillary Clinton will concede and Barack Obama will officially become the Democratic nominee. All I can say is: IT’S ABOUT TIME!

It was pretty clear after Tuesday’s primary that Obama would become the nominee, however the Clinton campaign seemed oblivious. I respect Senator Clinton, and think she has worked hard for this country, but I thought her speech on Tuesday night struck a bad note. Terry McAuliffe actually introduced her as “the next president!” I am just happy that this weekend will signify the beginning of a general election campaign in which Clinton helps Obama in his quest to become our next president.

I am so proud and happy for Barack Obama. This is not only an historical event in American history, but it is a true testament to Obama’s ability as a leader. He not only had to overcome racial barriers, but he went up against what can be described as the most powerful couple in the Democratic party and came out victorious. I cannot wait to journey with him on his path to the presidency.

Lets get the ball rolling: OBAMA ’08!

And on we go…

On June 7th, Puerto Rico will hold it’s presidential primary, allowing Puerto Ricans to add their 2 cents to the ongoing debate as to who should be the Democratic nominee.

Does this even make sense? Let’s just put aside the fact that Obama has all but clinched the nomination. I say this not because I am an Obama supporter, but because can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if Obama went into the convention with the majority of delegates and yet somehow after the super delegates had some back room discussion Hillary came out the nominee? Yeah that wouldn’t fly.

Regardless, does anyone else find it odd that Puerto Rico gets to help decide the nominee yet has no vote in the general election. I am not even going to debate what privileges a “territory” should/shouldn’t have or whether or not we should just bite the bullet and make the country our 51st state, but all logic points to the fact that they shoud either have a vote in both the primary and the general election or not have a vote at all. Going half and half just doesn’t make sense.

Personally I think the candidates just want a chance to relax and vacation a bit after a long primary battle. Any chance to go sit on a beach and work on your tan right?

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