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{December 10, 2008}   Oh, Oprah…


When it comes to Oprah Winfrey, there are usually two camps of people: those who adore her and those who think she is totally overrated and can’t stand her.  Whatever group you’re in (and for the record, I adore her) she probably stands for a lot of things in your mind.

For me, Oprah is a powerful, warm and inspirational woman.  She epitomizes success.  She came from nothing and is now one of the highest paid TV celebrities with an entire media empire unto herself.  Couple that with the fact that she is undoubtedly one of the most philanthropic Americans, and she really comes out a winner in my book.

It is for these reasons that the recent publicity around the fact that Oprah has gained weight upsets me.  Oprah’s weight has been a 20 year battle, covered by the media, and stems from the big O herself.  In an upcoming article in January’s O magazine, Oprah states,

“I’m embarrassed, I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight. I look at my thinner self and think, ‘How did I let this happen again?”

While it may be comforting to some to realize that Oprah is just like the rest of us – battling her own insecurities in spite of all she has achieved, it saddens me.  I want to reach out to Oprah and let her know that most of us rarely, if ever, give a second thought to her weight. Oprah has achieved so much, and tends to look great no matter what she weighs.  Oprah’s fans could care less what the scale says.

Oprah has a unique gift.  She is able to play the best friend and confidant, while serving as role model and inspiration at the same time.  It is hard sometimes to realize that no matter how phenomenally talented, successful and adored one may be, loving oneself can be a never ending battle.


I love Desperate Housewives.  I have been a fan since season one and even stuck by it during the “Betty Applewhite season 2 slump.”  This show is the perfect blend of quirky, over-the-top, backstabbing fun and I look forward to it every week.

I think the 5 year jump forward has served this season very well.  It allowed the writers to create a virtually new show, without abandoning the characters fans have grown to love.  So far, I think most of the stories are entertaining and juicy.  I look forward to see where this season takes us.

Unfortunately, I do have one criticism. The Gabby storyline.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Gabby has become a frumpy, cash strapped mother of two.  What I am not a fan of is the “fat children” story.  This show has enough material to work with, without using the plight of chubby children to get laughs.  I get it.  Gabby is image obsessed and yet has to contend with two overweight children.  I just think it hits a sour note.  I feel bad judging the appearance of kids.  I mean these characters are supposed to be under 5 years old, and we are laughing at their expense?!  Surely this isn’t necessary.  A funnier story would be for Gabby’s kids to be just as image obsessed as she used to be, and to be embarrassed of their mothers looks, style, lack of expensive things, etc.  I would feel much more comfortable indulging in a little schadenfruede if it was aimed at an adult.

I remember reading somewhere that the cast and crew go to great lengths not to shoot the scenes disparaging the looks of the two child actresses in front of them, but kids are perceptive.   Surely this has to affect them.  It’s not that I don’t think this story line is fair game, lord knows there are worse things on TV these days.  I just think that a show like Desperate Housewives which has so much to work with, it is completely unnecessary.

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